Académie Horizon offers multi-language (English, French and Chinese) and Maths in a fun way to entertain and educate  our children in this long summer vacation.

Our summer camp was established in 2006 as an affiliate of Brossard Chinese School. Our campers have enjoyed many on-site summers re-reinforcing their language and maths skills with many fun acitivities like crafts, swimming and educational outings to museums, and science centers.


Académie Horizon's mission is to expand the horizon of our young minds to be curious about the world around us, providing the tools (languages) to explore different cultures.


Though this summer we are limited on online activities but we promise this to be equally exciting .

Though the intentions are to improve their language skills, we will be exploring nature, science and different cultures in our different languages.

We want our children to inherit a clean and sustainable planet therefore they first have to learn to take actions that will keep it healthy. Therefore scientific concepts and appreciation of nature will enable them to understand the impacts of their actions.

In addition our children will be tomorrow’s leaders and they will demonstrate good etiquette and civic mindedness, consideration for others especially those less fortunate, to achieve a balanced growth with a charitable heart.

Self confidence and persuasive powers will help them to achieve their success in their future, therefore we provide opportunities to express their views and perform in front of others.