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As the foremost language of the world, the importance of English has, with time, drastically increased. Its importance on the international scale has made it somewhat of a necessity. 

We aim to cultivate a better understanding of the culture behind the English language through the exploration of its multiple expressions, idioms, and proverbs based on different cultures (e.g. Roman and Greek). This exploration will allow our students to enjoy and immerse themselves in the language. 

French, often described as a romantic and classical language, is the main language spoken in Quebec. The knowledge of it is therefore useful for everyday life in the province. 

Mandarin is one of the most spoken languages in the world and is of growing importance.  Unlike many other languages which use alphabets composed of letters or syllables, Chinese uses characters and symbols. This significant difference will help stimulate the children's brains. 

The advancement of modern technology has turned our world into a global village bringing people closer together. As parents, we all want to provide our children with all of the necessary tools to aid them in their future accomplishments  Knowing more than one language will undoubtedly be a key to that success.

The knowledge of mathematics is an important problem-solving  skill that is helpful through many different aspects of life. However, often due to unfamiliarity, many children feel somewhat threatened by it. During the camp,  maths will become a familiar friend that our campers will grow to love.

Different small scientific experiments will also be conducted in order to form a love for science within the kids.


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