English is the language of science and technology.

It also has roots in some fascinating stories like Greek and Roman myths.

We help them understand the culture behind a language like English which has phrases, expressions, idioms and proverbs based on different cultures like the Roman and Greek mythologies. This way they will enjoy the full color of the language like native speakers.

French is not only the romantic European language, but it also allows us to articulate with finesse the culinary terms when ordering at restaurants 


Mandarin is one of the most spoken language in the world an is of growing importance.  Unlike most occidental languages, which use an alphabet, Chinese use characters or symbols. This will help stimulate another part of our brains.

The advancement of modern technology has turned our world into a global village bringing people closer together. As parents we want to open up the world and serve it on a palate for our children’s future by giving them all the tools that we can equip them with and knowing more than one language will be key to that success.


Maths is an important problem solving  skill that helps us to reason but some of us are less comfortable with it, often due to unfamiliarity.  During the camp,  Maths will be a famiiar friend that our campers will enjoy