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Best Summer Ever

Multi-language Summer  Camp for Kids

June / July / August 2022

It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

Different languages will equip our children with the tools to secure a privilege position in our global village. 

Research has shown that learning more than one language helps in the cognitive development of a child. The younger the child learns a new language the easier he masters the language like a native speaker.

This is especially true of learning Chinese because it is a tonal language which is non existent in occidental  languages. The use of characters (symbols) instead of an alphabet further stimulates a different of the brain.

Camp Highlights

We are thrilled to announce that, this summer, we will be resuming our in-person camp program. 

Though the improvement of their language skills is the primary intention of this program,

kids will have the opportunity to explore nature, science, different cultures, and different languages.

We all want our children to inherit a clean and sustainable planet. Therefore, they will learn how to protect and preserve it. Science-oriented activities will enable them to form an appreciation of nature and an understanding of the impacts of their actions.

 In addition, the children, tomorrow’s leaders, will learn to demonstrate good etiquette, civic mindedness, and consideration for others especially those less fortunate than themselves. This will help them achieve a balanced growth with a charitable heart.

Furthermore, we will aim to provide our campers with opportunities to express themselves and perform which will aid them in the development of their self-confidence and will help them to achieve success in the future.

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