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The children will get the opportunity to explore the many facets of Chinese culture such as calligraphy, legends, history, idiomatic stories, and Tang poems.


- What better way to enhance language-learning than with music? Especially when the fact that Chinese is a tonal language is taken into consideration.


- Chinese folk dances are rich, varied, and accompanied by interesting traditional music.

Summer is a fun and warm season. It is perfect for constructive activities!


- Cooking is an incredibly important skill to acquire. It will allow our campers to aid in the kitchen and, in the future, be able to cook for themselves and their families. 


- Arts and crafts are an entertaining way to refine your motor skills. They are also a great way to develop artistic abilities.

Physical activity is very important for a healthy and long life. Fun and interactive sports are a fantastic way to move and play. 


- Kungfu, a martial art which can be traced back to the Zhou dynasty, is a great way to improve your flexibility and strength.


- Swimming is a good way to maintain good heart health and to reduce stress. 

In the past, our campers have had the opportunity to enjoy different trips and visits. They will yet again have the chance to experience the Biodome, the Montreal Science Centre, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and berry fields. 


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